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There used to be an app called VintApps. It was produced in different versions, like VintApps 3.1.3 and VintApps 4.1.2. It displayed apps that were under your version, super helpful. Doesn't appear to be available anymore.


How to Rip iOS Audio and Sprites

R-click on app in iTunes and Show in Finder, or...
hd / Users / *user / Music / iTunes / Mobile Applications / ...

  • Copy the IPA file to your desktop
  • Rename the IPA file extension to ZIP
  • R-click on the ZIP and extract
  • Find your files

AAC files open with QuickTime 7

Games that didn't make the cut

  • Strongholds
    It's like one of those card playing games.
  • Tottokko Dungeon
    It looked like a nice 8-bit graphics game, a fantasy side-view dungeon game, but you don't control much. It might be good for a 4 year old.
Wed, 2015/08/26 - 8:17pm