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Star Defense is your typical tower defense game, but what makes it great is it's perfect balance, and the device of the game perfectly blends as a touch app, how you roll around the playing field. It feels good. My initial attraction was to the space theme and graphics - the interface, planets, characters, weapons. The animations are great. Not too complex to learn how to play, but plenty of difficulty. Each level starts paused, so you can plan a strategy. The music is mood and has military drum accents, which I happen to like a lot. The music in the opening screens reminds me of Star Fox, along with the military style graphics.


Note that this page is for the Plus+ version. I understand there's an earlier version, but I've never played it, and it appears there are different strategies.
Looks like this might be the upgrade to v1.3, which added the planets Soristi and Magna Prime.

Generally, you want to be zoomed in when placing a tower, for accuracy. Though, most of the time you want to be zoomed out for an overview and performance evaluation.
You can carefully roll your finger while placing towers, for greater accuracy and to find the tolerances.
When placing end towers, your range should interact with the outer path line.

I find that if I refer to the Slow's effect on enemies as retardation, as Borat, it makes me laugh.

Enemy $ Similar Pts. Attributes
Probe 5     easy
Swarm 5 mice, mouse   fast, medium
Mollusk 10 snail   medium
Quigor 10 slug   bullet resist, slow
Lancer   space man 10 elec resist, medium
Scion   bird   fire resist, fast - slow release
Viceroy   spider   fire resist, medium, tough
Man-o-war       slow resist, slow, tough
Tyrant       slow, tough
Galvanizer   mech spider   elec resist, fast


Slow: 1, 2, 3 $225


Weapon Power
Gauss Turret 1 10
Gauss Turret 2 30
Gauss Turret 3 67.5
Quantum Launcher 1 75
Quantum Launcher 3 275
Neo-Plasma Blaster 1 21
Phase Coil 1 (8.33 x targets)
DX-3 Cannon  


Rate LCD = 0.2


They are all pretty reasonable. Though, I have two remaining.

  • Royally Assassinated
    1000 Galvanizers - Magna Prime freeplay Wave 68. Not sure how I got 1000, as I'd passed this wave before. Perhaps there is a Perfect bonus.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him
    1000 Tyrants
Wed, 2015/03/18 - 2:46am
Star Defense Plus+