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Aquarius Shrine

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Room 41

Solomon's Key Room 41

The Point Of Return. Any continues, from this point on, will return you to this room. This forces you to pass room 43 with no fireballs.

No Fireball: Immediately run right / left and fall. Mighty Coin. Remove the Line 8 Brown Stones - from columns E through K. Leave exit K-9 open. After the Demonsheads cross the center, remove H-7 and exit the figure, making a Plug Stone at K-9. Get the Key. If you continue the game after this point you will return to this room, and likely not be able to complete the game due to a lack of a fireball to use in room 43. Is there a Bell or a Fireball here?

Note: Star Jump on next room.

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Room 42

Solomon's Key Room 42

5th Million

No Fireball: Star Jump! Make sure you are prepared to do it, because this is where it counts. If you make a mistake you must complete the Room as usual. The Mighty Coin in this room is the second most often missed treasure. Collect this Mighty Coin and the Gold Jewels and you should pass the five million mark. Bell. Drop down center. Up to the Key and exit.

Missing the Star Jump: Drop down center. Lower the right side Burn by one stone and Cover it. Go to the right wall. As the Dragon approaches the right side, drop down to the Floor behind it. Go left, exposing the Blue Hour Glass of Norm, and up left wall. Remove the stone @ G-3, under the upper left Burn. Get the Timer and go up. Jump ghost. Get the Key and exit.

Room 43

Solomon's Key Room 43

Super Fireballs: Get the Key. Super Fireball the Line 7 Ghosts. Gold Jewel. Get the Bell at C-5. Quickly pass G & K-7. Get the Bell at L-5. Super Fireball the line-4 Ghosts. Get the Griffon.

Fireball: At least one is helpful. Try to Double Demon the Ghosts in row 7.

No Fireball: If you get to this Room without some Fireballs, you are in trouble. It can be done, but it’s tough. If anyone can find some Fireballs between this and Room 41, let us know.

Room 44

Solomon's Key Room 44

6th Million

If you are still on your first life you will not reach 6 million until Room 46. However, 6 million by Room 44 should be an early goal.

No Fireball: Drop the left Burn to the floor and cover. Butt line 11’s-F, I & K Stones, get the Key. Get the Crane. Remove N-6 and stone-under. Expose the Medicine of Edlem at H-8. Drop the lower Burns to the Floor. Remove the Brown Stone @ C-6. Replace the Brown Stone @ F-11 and Drop the Burn @ G-7 to the White Stone @ G-10. Replace the Stone @ G-8. Go to the top Mirror. Drop the E-3 and C-4 Burns. Butt the B-3 Brown Stone. Get the Sign. Bell. If You've collected all of the Solomon's Seals and Constellation Signs you will discover Hidden Room: Page of Space Conjuration.

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Aquarius Shrine