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Room 17

Solomon's Key Room 17

No Fireball: Redirect the first Sparkling Ball to the right wall, and replace that stone (N-11). Use a Boxing Out technique to cross Line 10. Grab the items if you can, than you may have to do one or two Box In’s. Head Right along row 8, using a similar Boxing Out technique used on the line below. MBJ at O-7 and collect up to 12 additional Fairies. Bells. Solomon's Seal at N-2.

Super Fireball: This is the sure fire way to clear this room, however you will lose three Fairies. Launch a Crouching Super Fireball at the Warlocks on the floor. Carefully, run left along the floor. Work your way across the top row of Sparkling Balls using a Box Out technique, Bell at C-10, Full Jug at I-2.

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Room 18

Solomon's Key Room 18

No Fireball: This room is suspiciously easy. Quickly recover the bell @ E-10, Up the right side. Bell. Fairy Rescue. Down the left. There’s got to be something here.

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Room 19

Solomon's Key Room 19

1st Million

Super Fireball: From position I-10, box yourself in with the Sparkling Balls and launch a crouching Super Fireball. Drop the Dragon to recover a fairy. Next, build a platform across Line 3 leaving holes under the mirrors and on the left side as an escape drop. Mighty Coin at B-2. Plug the holes under the mirrors and run left, dropping down through your escape route. 1-Up @ B-8. Solomon's Seal at E-5.

No Fireball:

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Note: Star Jump on next room.

Room 20

Solomon's Key Room 20

No Fireball: The second Star Jump. Here you can use it to obtain the key and preplace Brownstones as you fall to the floor. This room is an exercise in Stalling. Bell. Build upward in all available spaces, from bottom to top. Perform Block-Above to place a Stone in G-7. Constellation Signs at K-2, Rabbit at A-2. If You've collected all of the Solomon's Seals and Constellation Signs you will discover Hidden Room: Page of Time Conjuration.

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Leo Shrine