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Pisces Shrine

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Room 45

Solomon's Key Room 45

No Fireball: Drop the gargoyles by removing the stone at B-11 - do not Drop the Burn, Trap. Bells. Get the Crane. Block O-8. Remove M-8. Drop and cover lower right Burn. Block/plug I-8. Quickly butt F-7 and replace G-9. Key. Drop the Burn at C-10. Break C-8. Quickly butt K-7 and remove I-8.

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Room 46

Solomon's Key Room 46

Fireballs: This is the last room to use fireballs, so you don’t need to spare any. Demon Drop the lowest Goblin (#1), then the second (#2). Use Head Stone to get Goblin #3. Get the Lamp, the Crane, and the Seal. Drop Goblin 5 under key by falling to his platform as he walks away, jump over and place stone to extend platform, jump over again and Demon Drop him from the stone at I-6. Get Jug and stone-under. Drop Goblin #4 from the bottom by dropping down to extend his platform. Than Drop him. The 6th Goblin - Block K-5 and F-5. Stand on K-5 to lure goblin and quickly drop him from F-5. Use Crouching Fireballs to get rid of Goblins #7 and #8.To get to top, jump over first Saramandor and fireball the second. Key. Bell... more tips later...

No Fireballs: Same Route.

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Room 47

Solomon's Key Room 47

No Fireball: Remove Stone under the Mirror at A-3, and over the Medicine of Mapros (1-Up) at K-3, expose the 1-Up.

Make Stone at F-7. Drop the Burn to expose the Bell at F-6. Clear Stone at I-10, and Head Butt In to that space. Remove the Stone at G-10 and trick Jump into that space. If you miss the trick Jump, you can keep trying by circling by the Bell at N-11, be sure to Make Stone at O-11 (Trap). If your Time drops below 4500, you won't have time to exit the Room. Clear Stones around the Door, and Make Stone at F-9.

Get the Coin at H-11. Get the Bell at N-12, and Make Stone at O-11. Make Stone at H-8, than get the Gold Mask at N-6, the Medicine of Mapros at K-4. Make Stones at N-4 & O-3, drop the Burn, and get the Solomon’s Seal at O-1.

Get the Bell at F-6, than head up towards the Mirror. Drop down to get the Key. Go up to the Mirror again, and drop down to the Door.

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Room 48

Solomon's Key Room 48

No Fireball: Get the Bell at D-10. Make Stone at O-12. Drop the Burn at L-8 to L-9. Get the Gold Crane at K-3, and Make Stone at L-4.

Head past the top right corner, than collect the Constellation Sign at E-4, the Gold Jewel at D-3, and remove the Brown Stone at B-4. Perform the Head Butt In technique to get the Mighty Coin at A-5 - The most often missed item.

Drop down to get the Key. Go up past the D-8 Burn and get the​ 1-Up at D-5, and Clear Stone at F-8.

Drop to the bottom of the screen and Drop the L-8 Burn to the White Stone and Cover. Drop and Cover the Burn @ I-8. Drop the H-6 Burn one block and Make Stone above it, under the Mirror, from the right side. Now head to the right wall, than up and over the Mirror. Head to the door and get a second opportunity to recover the Mighty Coin.

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Pisces Shrine