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Extra Rooms

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Hidden Room

Solomon's Key Hidden Room

No Fireball: The outermost stones contain no items. However, there is a report of a False White Stone at the bottom of one of these rooms that leads to a freeze glitch at what would be C-13. Each Hidden Room contains a three Fairy Rescues, a Bell, three Crystals of Rad, and a Gold Jewel. Collect the Red Timer last, only in an emergency.
These rooms seem to be generated randomly, however there are at least 25 configurations that we have discovered so far. Here are the maps for the Hidden Rooms, the Hidden Rooms Cipher.

Related Rooms: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48.

Access Requirement: Each hidden room is accessed by collecting it's Constellation Sign, from every fourth room.

Hidden Page 1

Solomon's Key Room 20 Hidden Room - Page of Time Conjuration

No Fireball: This is usually your first exposure to the idea of False Whitestones. The first missing page to Solomon’s Key - The Page of Space Conjuration.

Related Rooms: 20.

Access Requirement: Recovery of the first four Solomon’s Seals.

Hidden Page 2

Solomon's Key Room 44 Hidden Room - Page of Space Conjuration


No Fireball: The second missing page to Solomon’s Key - The Page of Time Conjuration. Remove the lower false Whitestone before going for the page. Stone Door Magic. Is there a way to get to the upper portion of the room?

Related Rooms: 44.

Access Requirement: Recovery of all Solomon’s Seals.

Princess’ Shrine

 Fairy Princess Shrine

AKA Prinsess’ Shrine
No Fireball: The daughter of King Yutra can only be rescued by the finest of mages. This is the room where you can focus on hi-score by recovering both of the Golden Goose items for each attempt at the room. The Queen Fairy is in prison. Remove a number of false Whitestones to release the Princess Fairy Lihita.

Related Rooms: All

Access Requirement: Recovery of the two missing pages of Solomon’s Key.

Solomon’s Shrine

 Solomon's Shrine, Key of Solomon, Book

No Fireball: This room is accessed by collecting all 9 of the Solomon’s Seals. A number of false Whitestones must be removed to pass this room.

Related Rooms: All.

Related Issues: Gold Wing.

Access Requirement:
Recovery of all 9 Solomon’s Seals.

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Extra Rooms