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Game Deviation Value - GDV

A scoring system for measuring gameplay. Minimum value of 27. Known Maximum of 84. Scoring between 6-13 million is quite good (pers-13,771,960, GDV 82).
Mt. East has a working study of Solomon’s Key GDV system, translated by yours truly - Here.

Rooms That Don’t Appear To Have Neat Stuff, But Might & Rooms with Odd Event Triggers.
1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 18, 25, 34, 37, 40.

Other Items for Theoretical Maximums
A total of approximately 164 Fairies (16 lives) and 19 1-Ups, times 400,000 points per life when you reach the Princess’ Shrine, equals 14,000,000 available points.
Fairy Totals:
Bells (x81)
Hidden Rooms (12x3 = 36 Fairies).
Fairy Rescue (28 Fairies).
Mighty Bomb Jack (11+8 = 19 Fairies).
Switch Jewels
Random Drops

1-Up Totals:
Granted 1-Ups (x2)
Medicine of Mapros (x9)
Aladdin's Lamp (x1)
Tecmo Plate (x2)
Mighty Coin (x5)

Wed, 2014/07/02 - 6:50pm