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Magic Items

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Magic Items

Jar of MandaJar of Manda

Aka. Fireball. Dana's missile attack is found in blue jars, orange jars contain super fireballs which ruin multiple enemies. The distance Dana's fireball can travel is increased by collecting Crystals of Rad. One strategy to fireball collection is to know when to stop collecting regular fireballs, possibly between rooms 16 to 21.

Related Rooms: 16, 21, Hidden.

Bell of LyracBell of Lyrac (もライラックの鐘を)

Ringing a bell causes the release of one fairy. Every 10 Fairies collected is a 1-Up.

Related Rooms: 1(x2), 2(x1), 3(x1), 4(x2), 5, 6(3), 7(x1), 8(x2), 9(x1), 10, 11(x2), 12(x2), 13(x2), 14(x1), 15(x2),16(x1),17(x2), 18(x2), 19, 20(x1), 21, 22(2), 23(x3), 24(x2), 25(x2), 26(x4), 27(x1), 28(x1), 29(x1), 30(x1), 31(x1), 32(x1), 33(x2), 34(x2), 35, 36(x2), 37(x2), 38, 39(x1), 40(x2), 41, 42(x1), 43(x2), 44(x1), 45(x2), 46(x1), 47(x2), 48(x1), Hidden(x12), for 81 bells.

Related Info: Theoretical Maximums.

Crystal of RadCrystal of Rad

No Points. Blue ones increase the distance of your fireball by ½ a block, red crystals increase it by 2 blocks. These can be found in the Switch Jewels.

Related Rooms: All, Hidden.

Solomon's Key Fairy - FairieFairy (妖精)

When recovering a fairy from a walking demon with the use of the Demon Drop technique.

Related Rooms: 4(x1), 5(x1), 10(x1), 17(x12), 18(x1), 19(x1), 24(x1), 37(x1), 39(x8), 40(x1), 49(x1), for 29 Fairies.

Related Info: Bell Of Lyrac, Mighty Bomb Jack.

Hourglass of NormHourglass of Norm

Blue Aka. The Blue Timer. This spell from Norm, the Merchant of Time, returns Dana's life to 10,000.

Related Rooms: 35.

Red Aka. The Red Timer. This spell from the merchant Norm returns Dana's life to 5,000. Only grab this when your life is low.

Related Rooms: 34, 36, Hidden.

Jar of Magadora - Fireball - Super FireballJar of Magadora

Obtaining this ornate jar will convert the first Fireball on your scroll into a Super Fireball (Biggufaiaboru - ビッグファイアーボ).

Medicine of EdlemMedicine of Edlem (Grey Jug, Gray Jar, Grey Bottle)

Aka. The Grey Jug. A half bottle of this grey potion multiplies your time x2. A full bottle multiplies your time x4.

Related Rooms: 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 33, 34, 37.

Medicine of MeltonaMedicine of Meltona (Orange Jug, Orange Bottle, Red Jar, Exploder)

Obtaining this orange bottle will ruin all demons in the room, except for Mirrors of Camirror or traps.

Scroll of LyraScroll of Lyra

Increases the length of your scroll by one fireball, to a maximum capacity of 8. These can be found in the Red Switch Jewel, in hidden locations, and are often dropped when using the Double Demon technique.

Related Rooms: 7, 10, 24.

Medicine of Mapros - 1-Up - 1upMedicine of Mapros (Pot of Mapurosu - マプロスの壷)

Aka. The 1-Up. This spell from the legendary Mapros gives Dana another life. These can be found in hidden locations and are often dropped when using the Double Demon technique. This item is only available in your firts attempt of the given room.

Related Rooms: 3, 14, 19, 27, 30, 35, 40, 47, 48.

Magic Items Appended


These are the dark breakable stones. Dana is able to create these stones as his primary magic skill.


These are the bright unbreakable stones. In more advanced areas of the game you will find some false whitestone which will break like brownstone.


Each room has a key. There are a total of 64 possible rooms, however the most you can access in any given game is 62, as a complete game would skip the Leo and Aquarius Hidden Rooms due to gaining access to the missing page rooms.

Related Rooms: All

Switch JewelSwitch Jewels

These are the four sided jewels that change when Dana (ダーナを) waves his magic wand over them. The green Switch Jewels change to a regular Fireball, a coin, and a red Crystal of Rad. The red Switch Jewels change to a Fireball, a Scroll, a Bell, and back again.

Related Rooms: 4, 29, 39, Hidden.

Related Issues: Gold Wing.

Magic Items Cont.

These items are listed under the magic items section in the manual, but they don't seem particularly magical to me. I suspect it was simply a space issue.

Regular JewelJewels

The standard jewels come in values of 500, 5,000, 50,000 points.

Gold JewelGold Jewel

100,000 Points. The most valuable of the standard jewels. This item is not listed in the manual.

Related Rooms: 13, 27, 33, 40, 42(x2), 43, 48, Hidden Rooms(x12).

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Magic Items