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Demon Drop
To ruin a walking demon by removing the Brownstone beneath it. Sometimes this results in a Fairy Rescue.
Related Rooms:

Press up to jump at a height of one square.

Pressing the Make Stone button while falling or jumping for the purpose of slowing your descent, kind of like a Matrix jump.
Related Rooms: 12, 20, 29.

Stone Butt
Jumping up into a Brownstone will cause it to crack, jumping up into it a second time will destroy it.

Stone Break
This is when Dana butts a cracked brown stone.

Stone Make
When Dana waves his wand to make a brown stone.

Stone Clear
When Dana uses his wand to remove a brown stone.

Stone Fan
When Dana waves his wand over a magic flame it will lower so he can jump over it.


Press A+B+Up, during the GDV screen, to continue.

To remove a Brownstone while a Sparklingball is is on it for the purpose of changing the course of the demon, as if quickly making a sort of shield stone to block the approaching demon.
Related Rooms: 4, 7, 39.

Remote Stone
To create or remove a Brownstone at a distance of two blocks.
Related Rooms: 25, All.

Stone Ladder
An advanced technique where you stand tip-toe, on the edge of a stone, jump, make a stone on the block you were standing on, than land on top of this new stone. You can repeatedly perform this technique, effectively creating a ladder that you can climb, straight upwards.

Box In & Out Technique

Box In & Out.
Boxing In is to contain a Sparkling Ball in a small form of stones. Boxing Out is to seal yourself into safety from Sparkling Balls.
Related Rooms: 7, 11, 16.

Aka. Tip Toe. Standing on your toes on the edge of a block. At this distance you can still Fan a Burn.
Related Rooms: 24, 30.

Demon Trap
To place Brownstone below an opening that has Whitestone on both sides, effectively plugging a demon's drop through-point along a platform.
Related Rooms: 12, 15, 22.

Head Butt In
Describes dropping onto a block that has another block that is two spaces above it. Dana will often Butt the upper stone as this technique is performed, cracking the stone, if it is brown.
Related Rooms: 9, 47, 48.

Solomon's Key Room 42 Star Jump Technique

Star Jump
You are able to jump from your mid-air starting position. You must begin this jump by pushing and holding Up on the control pad as the star gather, at the start of the room. In Room 11 it apparently does nothing. In Room 20 it allows you to recover the key and pre-place some Brownstones. In Room 42 it allows you to get the Mighty Coin, two Gold Jewels, a Bell, and to set a fast exit for the room.
This trick seems to be a bit buggy. At least in Room 11, it appears to be affected by how you enter the door in the previous room (Room 10), and buttons pressed in between the levels.
Pausing the game in between the levels seems to cancel the trick.
If you jump and hold Up into the Room 10 Door, the Star Jump fails. If you tap-jump Up into the door, the Star Jump works.
If you are pushing Left as you enter the door, the Star Jump seems to work.
The fun trick in Room 11 is to Star Jump onto Stone D-11 than Double Demon the Sparkling Ball and Panel Monster.
Related Rooms: 11, 20, 42.

Double Demon
Killing two demons with a single Fireball or Super Fireball. This increases the chance of a demon dropping a more valuable reward, such as a Scroll or a 1-Up. Since it is impossible to know if a Super Fireball is actually killing two demons at the same time, you should practice this technique using a Regular Fireball.
Related Rooms: 3, 11, 43.

Lock & Key

Lock & Key.
A boxing out technique.
Related Rooms: 13, 33.

Shield & Stone
The technique used in room 5 to move up the center by blocking a fireball attack on one side and creating a step stone on the other.
Related Rooms: 5.

Stone Door
Used to recover the hidden Page of Space Conjuration in the Hidden Room after Room 44.

Stone Mirror
Used in room 40 if the Constellation Sign doesn't appear.

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