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Taurus Shrine

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Room 5

Solomon's Key Room 5

No Fireball: The safest method is to Demon Drop the Gargoyles one by one, right to left to right, but you must work quickly. Your approach to each Gargoyle should be such that you make the drop stone by performing the Jump Stone technique. This prevents you from accidentally jumping into the Gargoyles line of fire during your approach. Demon Drop the upper-right Gargoyle to rescue a hidden Fairy.

Option 2: Ratchet or Shield & Stone up the center. Make a stone to both your left and right side. One will shield you from the Gargoyles fire, the other will be your next platform. Jump to the top of this next, platform and repeat the process.

Room 6

Solomon's Key Room 6

Super Fireball: From the right edge of the top platform, use a well timed Crouching Super-Fireball to destroy all of the Ghosts. Grab the Bells.

Fireball: Try to perform the Double Demon technique, to maximize the effect of only having a few fireballs. Read the tips below for instructions on continuing without fireballs.

No Fireball: Drop down to the next platform as the Ghosts near the wall closest to your location - than run! Make stones behind you as you run, to block yourself as the Ghosts return. Use this technique on each of the three ghost-platforms in this room.




Room 7

Solomon's Key Room 7

No Fireball: Learn Boxing In & Boxing Out, and also the Redirect technique for the defense of Sparkling Ball attacks. Scroll. Bell. This room is the beginning of the Gold Wing Challenge (Gold Wing at position N-1) If you decide to take that route. This challenge is not recommended for beginners or anyone who want's to rescue the Princess. By grabbing any of the Gold Wings hidden throughout the game you will skip a few rooms, making the game progress faster. However, you will not find enough secrets to reach the Princess. Red Timer at B-1.

Fireball: Do not waste a fireball in this room. That is, unless you devise a neat Super Fireball technique. Let us know.

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Room 8

Solomon's Key Room 8

Super Fireball: if you have a Super Fireball, you can launch it at either of the two middle “Key” White Stones to finish all of the Demons. Bells at L-8 and N-6. Collect the Constellation Sign and enter the Hidden Room.

Fireball: Fireball one of the Neuls, traveling up and down the center. Ratchet up the right side of the screen and make a well timed Drop down the center.

No Fireball: This would be an unnecessary exercise.

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Taurus Shrine