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Virgo Shrine

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Room 21

Solomon's Key Room 21

No Fireball: Get the Key. Drop the Gargoyle. Drop the Burns, starting from the left side. Solomon's Seal at L-6. Collect no more regular fireballs untill necessary.

Room 22

Solomon's Key Room 22

No Fireball: Get the Bell @ K-6, this creates a demon trap. Drop to the floor, step up to get the other Bell and the full jug at J-7. Block lines 10 & 11 from column B to G. Then, remove the “plug-stone” @ J-10 to release the Saramandors, and run left to your escape route. Crane at K-8.

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Room 23

Solomon's Key Room 23

Super Fireball: From the start position launch a Crouching Super Fireball to the left, destroying the upper two upper Vampires, than stone @ O-2 to direct your fireball down the wall to finish the Warlock on the floor. Make a well timed Drop down the center, grabbing the Bell. When going for the two Bells in the upper-left, do not make a stone at D-6 as this creates a trap. Crane at O-12, Bells at C-3 and D-4. This is the first Gold Wing you can collect that doesn't cause you to miss a Solomon's Seal.

No Fireball: Path is the same. The Warlock on the floor is very slow.

Room 24

Solomon's Key Room 24

No Fireball: Butt the Brown Stone @ C-10, than release both Sparkling Balls that are underneath the Scroll. Drop the lower Burn, making sure not to drop it onto an exposed coin or it could become a trap. Get the Virgo sign at O-12. Bell. Drop the Dragon for a Fairy Rescue. Release the remaining Sparkling Ball and allow it to move up towards the door. Get the Key and Scroll, then make a figure where you can trap some of the Sparkling Balls. Stone next to the I-6 mirror and drop the Burn by one row and get the Medicine of Edlem by performing the Countermeasure technique. Drop the burn to the floor and cover it. If you forget to stone above the Burn in column H you will have to use the Tip Toe technique. Collect the Constellation Sign to enter the Hidden Room.

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Mon, 2014/06/23 - 6:09pm
Virgo Shrine