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Round 1: Normal

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Normal Stages

Stage 1: SHEKEL

Neo Nectaris Stage 1 SHEKEL map 6 Turns. Defensive. Drop Bison down to 30%, Lenet back to form a C defense. Charlie back.


Stage 2: RUPIAH

Neo Nectaris Stage 2 RUPIAH map 7 Turns. Defensive. C defense at bridge.
Best time: 4:30
Or pull back for a high ground defense at Base.


Stage 3: DOLLAR

Neo Nectaris Map 3 DOLLARFun. All Kilroys and Charlies. Full offensive in three directions.
24 Turns. Keep Charlies alive for fast advance on Atlas.
Best time: 4:04


Stage 4: PESETA

Neo Nectaris Stage 4 PESETA mapEasiest method is to capture the South Factory.
Bold maneuver is to capture the North Factory - T1: Hard advance to N Factory with Panther, keeping tanks back. T3: Capture N Factory. Keep infantry in Factory until Axis has moved to your Base. 9 turns 7:08.
Old - T1: Hard advance to N Factory Panther in lead. T3: Capture N Factory and move all units to 30%. Keep some protection on N road. T7: Capture S Factory with Panther. 12 Turns.
Best Time: 7:56


Stage 5: FORINT

T3: Capture S Factory and destroy axis force. 9 Turns.
Best time: 11:12

Stage 6: ESCUDO 

T1: Kilroy to Mule. T:3 Capture left-side Factory. New unit SR-22. 17 Turns.
Best time: 12:08

Stage 7: AGOROT

New Unit HA-55. Don't go for central factory. T2: Capture west Factory. T5: Capture east Factory. 9 Turns.
Best time: 15:33

Stage 8: DINARS

Fun. Strategy option: Do you push through the gap in the line or do you play it safe? I push through, 1 Falcon at a time.
T3: Capture west Factory. T4: Drop Atlas on crater above factory, to range SR-22. Drop Kilroybelow axis trigger, above Atlas. T3: Bring Pelicans back to factory to move in units. 10 Turns.
Best time: 17:03

Stage 9: SATANG

Race - How do you get to the NE factory? You can't, but you can stuff it with and capture the Hunter.
T1: Teknic S to W factory. Prep Mule Charlie to west Factory. K-Trgger to block central Factory. T3: Capture west Factory. T4: Birds south to block Axis Mule. T5: Capture central Factory. 10 Turns.

Stage 10: HALERS

T1: Teknik to N Factory. Atlas attack Trigger. Lenet SW to central Factory. Kanons out of Mine range. T3: Capture N Factory. Drop Charlie at central Factory out of Atlas range. Mine to new Pelican. Lost = i. 35 Turns slug-fest.

Stage 11: PAISAS

T1: Rabbit and Lynx to N Factory. T2: Panther capture central Factory. Drop Charlie on bridge behind Mule. Move S units NW. T3: Recapture central Factory. Bird N to defend Factory. T4: Attack N Charlie with Rabbit then Lynx. T5: Recapture S Factory. T12: Capture N Factory. 15 Turns. FUN. No. Lost = iii

Capture two Factories. Move Teknik to Base and pull everything back to base.


T1: Panther and Mule Charlie to Central Factory. Prepare defense at S Factory. Rabbit and Lynx to N Factory. Retreat E Charlie. T2: Capture central Factory with Panther. Drop Charlie on bridge behind Mule. Situate central Factory units to force Axis unit into surrounded position. T3: Recapture central Factory.

No. Lost = iii

S Charlie to E Factory, Move to hight ground on turn 2. Move Charlie into defended position. T2: Capture central Factory with Panther.

Stage 12: GROSZY

Neo Nectaris Stage 12 GROSZY mapAir Power. T1: . T4: Panther capture central Factory. Probably good to keep one infantry near Factories. 8 Turns.


Thu, 2014/12/25 - 10:27pm
Round 1: Normal