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Round 3: Normal Reverse

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Normal Reverse Maps

Stage 25: LEKEHS

Retreat and surround Teknik. No losses. 10 Turns.

Stage 26: HAIPUR

​Good. Small.


Good. Medium map, defensive.

Stage 28: ATESEP

Neo Nectaris Map 28 ATESEPFavorite. I think this is the one with a bug, if Axis Mule drops a Charlie on the upper bridge, 'Can't move there' error.
Clear Trigger with Rabbit.



Tall map

Stage 30: ODUCSE


Stage 31: TOROGA


Stage 32: SRANID

Favorite. T1: Falcon and Rabbit out east of factory. Hard advance east. T2: Falcon to 30% above north Factory. T3: Decision - use Falcon to surround Slagger for Rabbit attack or finish the Hunter - Hunter will go after Charlie. keep blocking the Factory with Falcon. T?: Use Falcon to block Charlie from east factory.
I think there might be a trick, where you can keep the Falcon close enough, so the Rabbit can assist the Hunter attack. To the 8:00 of Trigger. You can do a bold maneuver to capture the second Factory.

Stage 33: GNATAS

You can make a bold maneuver to capture the center Factory.

Stage 35: SASIAP

North, hub, and east factories. Big map. 

Stage 36: YZSORG

Neo Nectaris Map 32 YZSORGFavorite.


Mon, 2016/07/18 - 9:09pm
Round 3: Normal Reverse