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The Road to Hell

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This map can crash on my system. Save.




Snow. The center estate, vs yellow and green.
Yellow has 2 ice queens at he gate.
Green has 1 ice queen and the harpoons are spread further apart.
Focus production on wood and iron, no stone. Put houses back in the crevice.

5 middle of the hill

Do a blitz siege on Vlad, using 5 ladders.

You want to pull the 2 enemies down to the front of your keep.

6 vs Arthur

On the left side are 4 tombstone markers showing the parallel lines (between the 3rd and 4th, not sure exactly). Make your wall at the closest set, to prevent having your walls continually crushed.

7 vs Vlad x3

Start with 50 bows, 200 meat, and 1000 gold.
Immediately capture center.
Giants and bats to quickly destroy productivity of all castles.
After productivity is stopped, build up to take lords.

8 vs Ice vs Vlad

Snake map.
Run back to the keep. Pull lord and archers down to get swordsman.
Buy a ton of wood and build full industry, fast.
Build a long channel down to Vlad.


Snake map.

This happens fast
Run back to the keep. Pull lord and archers down to get swordsman.
Send first knight down to take land.
Send kanooks to the edge of the dark water, in prep for taking Vlad's outer wall.
Send the two new knights down to the back edge of the last set of trees before Vlad's outer wall. Two vampires will attack.
As soon as the lord kills the last swordsman, send him down to the trees.
Moove the nooks in to take Vlad's tower, and move the lord and knights to the gate.
The Pictish Boat Warriors can go back.
Run the lord and knights to the back side of Vlad's Keep.
Send 1 knight up so Vlad uses his magic.
When Vlad's magic ends, use yours and go get em.

Defend the Keep

Hard defense against giants and infantry.
Take the 1st wall with ladders.
Take the 2nd wall with Bedevier.
Hard defense against giants.
Take the last wall with trebs.

The end

...or is it?

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The Road to Hell